Our history and who we are.

The Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association Inc. (NTJSA) was formed in 1986 to administer junior soccer for boys and girls aged 6 to 16 in Northern Tasmania. Its predecessor the primary schools association was formed in 1973.


It operates a Saturday roster from April to August each year, in additional to separate tournaments, a seven-a-side summer roster etc. with most games held at Churchill Park, Invermay, Launceston.


Mixed and girls only teams from each of the eight affiliated Clubs participate in this roster – 1900 registered players in 2017.


Age groups of between U6-U11 play modified Small Sided Football rules (see our MiniRoos page), while the older age groups play full FIFA Laws games.


Northern Tasmania representative teams are also formed to allow players to work towards achieving excellent football skills. Some of these teams represent the Association at competitions held throughout Tasmania, including our own Launceston Tournament, and interstate.


In 2004 an Academy program was introduced for Under-10 players with the aim of developing the skills of these players to the highest possible level. As of 2018, skills programs are run through individual clubs and Football Federation Tasmania.

The NTJSA also conducts clinics in schools to encourage other children to participate in the sport. The NTJSA recognises the importance of developing the knowledge and skills of its volunteer support group. It regularly facilitates the delivery of courses for coaches, referees and sports trainers.


Through its affiliation with Football Federation Tasmania and Football Federation Australia, the NTJSA is able to offer its registered players and members insurance cover and access to nationally accredited sports training.


Finally, the Association encourages the application of the principles of sportsmanship and fair play and the provision of opportunities for all, no matter what their ability.


In this way it aims to continually increase the number of people enjoying The World Game.


You are invited to join us to become part of it.



Dale Rigby (0419 367 087)


Grant MacDonald


Junior Vice President
Ben Radbone


Felicity Atkinson


Ellie Crawford


Committee Members

Michael Cowley


Administration Manager
Melinda Slade


The forerunner of the NTJSA was the Northern Tasmanian Primary Schools Soccer Association which was formed in 1973.


In 1986 some schools were leaving the competition due to the lack of personnel to coach teams.


This necessitated the formation of the current Association and Clubs to overcome the problems that were being experienced.

Life Members NTJSA

Alan Gray
Rodney George
Nik Djonlija
Garry James
Tom Strickland
Bruce McCormack
Ray Cook
Ross Logan
Jock Glass
Mike Smith
Ross Wesson
Mano Stivaktakis
Gaye Wheeler1999
Rob Brewer1999
Noel van Est2000
Des Baker2001
Robyn Smith2002
Con Kerr2007
Brian Dracup
Veronica Brewer2008
Dale Rigby2011
Felicity Atkinson2014
Grant MacDonald2015
Ken Claridge2017
David Brice

Honour Roll Northern Tasmanian Primary Schools Soccer Association

1973Garry JamesRon WessonRon Wesson
1974Garry JamesP. CarterP. Carter
1975L. BairdRon WessonP. Carter
1976Garry JamesAlan GrayAlan Gray
1977Garry JamesAlan GrayAlan Gray
1978Alan GrayRodney GeorgeL. Baird
1979Rodney GeorgeDavid TurnerL. Baird
1980Brian DracupDavid TurnerNik Djonlija
1981Tom StricklandBrian DracupNik Djonlija
1982Tom StricklandAlan GrayNik Djonlija
1983Tom StricklandRay CookK. Richardson
1984Tom StricklandRay CookK. Richardson
1985Tom StricklandRay CookBruce McCormack
1986Tom StricklandRay CookBruce McCormack
1987Tom StricklandDavid McLeodBruce McCormack
1988Tom StricklandDavid McLeodRodger Martin
1989David McLeodS. GerrityRodger Martin
1990David McLeodJohn HarrisRodger Martin
1991Tom StricklandChristine FoleyMano Stivaktakis
1992Tom StricklandDean BennMano Stivaktakis
1993Tom StricklandJohn HarrisMano Stivaktakis
1994Tom StricklandJohn HarrisMano Stivaktakis
1995Tom StricklandJohn HarrisMichael Menzie
1996Mano StivaktakisSue HalliganColin Davis
1997Mano StivaktakisDebra HyattColin Davis

Honour Roll Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association

1998Mano StivaktakisDebra HyattNoel Van Est
1999Mano StivaktakisDebra HyattPeter Van Est
2000Mano StivaktakisLyn JacksonPeter Van Est
2001Mano StivaktakisLyn JacksonPeter Van Est
2002Mano StivaktakisLyn JacksonFelicity Atkinson
2003Mano StivaktakisLyn JacksonMano Stivaktakis
2004Mano StivaktakisBart TiemanRay Heald
2005Nik DjonlijaRachel ButtRay Heald
2006Nik DjonlijaRachel ButtRay Heald
2007Andrew BowenNik DjonlijaRobyn Smith
2008Dale RigbyKellie DwyerMel Cuschieri

Honour Roll Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association

2009Dale RigbyKellie DwyerLibby Donoghue
2010Dale RigbyKellie DwyerLibby Donoghue
2011Dale RigbyKellie DwyerTony Fenner
2012Dale RigbyKellie DwyerTony Fenner
2013Dale RigbyLouise LucasGrant MacDonald
2014Dale RigbyLouise LucasGrant MacDonald
2015Dale RigbyFelicity AtkinsonGrant MacDonald
2016Dale RigbyFelicity AtkinsonEllie Crawford
2017Dale RigbyFelicity AtkinsonEllie Crawford
2018Dale RigbyFelicity AtkinsonEllie Crawford